'Project Runway: All Stars': Eliminated Designer Suede on Who Should Have Been Out


The season five designer is known for his brightly colored hair and speaking about himself in the third person. His designs have been worn by such stasr as Britney Spears, Brooke Burke, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera. 

The competitor also reacts to the judges' decision, weighs in on the workroom drama and reveals why he refers to himself in the third person.

"Suede's time to go again."

So sayeth the designer, who is prone to speaking about himself in the third person, after he was eliminated in Thursday night's episode of Lifetime's Project Runway: All Stars.

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The 41-year-old from Barryville, N.Y., failed to impress the judges with his design in the "wearable art" challenge, wherein the competitors were asked to create garments inspired by and incorporating graffiti, using fabric they had spray-painted. Suede created a black one-shoulder dress with a flowing skirt adorned with yellow and green paettes.

While judge Georgina Chapman said she appreciated that he took "a feminine approach where other people went architectural and geometric," she said there was too much going on in the design. Fellow judge Isaac Mizrahi questioned whether the dress was wearable, calling it "very Party City costumish."

On Friday, Suede told reporters that he didn't think he should have been the designer eliminated.

"They asked that 80 percent of our garments be the fabric [the designers spray-painted]," he said. "I still stand behind my comment on the show that Althea's [Harper] was not 80 percent of the garment."

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Asked if he has any regrets, Suede quipped: "Absolutely. I wish I hadn't gone home."

But he acknowledged that a "wearable art" challenge didn't play to his strengths, as he tends to create designs that are more commercial.

Watching the episode, "I could see why the judges didn't love it," he said, though he still doesn't agree with their assessment. "The whole concept of creating wearable art is so open to interpretation. That's not my forte, but there's really no true definition of what 'wearable art' is."

The designer also weighed in on the drama seen between Ivy Higa and Laura Kathleen in Thursday night's episode.

"I don't really have time for drama," he said, adding: "I think people need to focus on their work and not get in other people's business, but that makes for good TV right?"

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Suede, who is rooting for Joshua McKinley and Uli Herzner to make the finals, says his dream client would have been Marilyn Monroe. He adds that his designs can be found in 4,000 stores nationwide, with several new product lines set to hit stores over the next several months.

As for why he sometimes refers to himself in the third person: "It started in college and kind of stuck. You don't want to be on TV and have people not remember you, so that's why Suede does it," he quipped.