'Project Runway': Beatrice Guapo on Being Season 10's First Eliminated Contestant

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The designer says she regrets not staying true to her design aesthetic and reveals how she fixed a hole "the size of a canyon" she discovered in one of her looks 20 minutes before the runway show.

Beatrice Guapo was the first contestant to be "out" from season 10 of Project Runway, which premiered Thursday on Lifetime, and the designer says her biggest regret is not staying true to her vision.

Guapo -- a 28-year-old designer based in Marina Del Rey, Calif., who admitted on the show that she can't sew that well -- did keep her creations within her specialty, knitwear, for the first challenge, which saw contestants create two looks for a runway show in New York's Times Square.

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One of her outfits was a gray knit dress featuring a southwestern-style cape, while the other was a gray pencil skirt with a brown-hued belted blouse. Judge/host Heidi Klum said of the two outfits: "I was not very attracted to both of the looks; [the first look is] like a T-shirt-meets-sack dress."

While Garcia said the dress' shape was "beautiful," Kors said the two designs "do not tell me who you are as a designer."

For her part, Guapo agrees.

"I think I should have stuck more to my with my aesthetic," she said in a conference call with reporters Friday, adding: "I wished that I had done more of what they liked on my rack, which is more me, what got me on. I think I should have stuck with what I do best."

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During the challenge, Guapo realized her second look -- which designers were tasked with creating in one day -- had a hole "the size of a canyon" in it. Viewers didn't see how she fixed the problem, but on Friday, Guapo revealed that she ended up "chopping off the top of the dress completely and ... made a kind of square blocky top in 20 minutes" before the runway show started.

After the judges' critiques, when she realized she was in the bottom, Guapo said she mentally prepared herself that it could be her saying auf weidersehen to Klum and Co. so "I didn't have a complete meltdown" if it ended up being her cut from the competition.

As for who she thinks might win the 10th season, Guapo said she thinks there are a few frontrunners. Her top four consists of challenge winner Christopher Palu; Ven Budhu and Melissa Fleis, both of whom made the top three; and Dmitry Sholokhov.

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"But for the most part, it's anybody's bag right now," she added.

Overall, she said, she "really enjoyed" being on the show.

"Everybody has a strong personality and they're really funny; we laughed a lot," she said, adding that one of her favorite moments was getting to meet mentor Tim Gunn.

"I think he brings so much to the show and you really do trust his opinion," she said. "It was kind of surral to finally meet him after all these years watching the show."

Project Runway airs at 9 p.m. Thursdays.

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