Mondo Guerra Recaps ‘Project Runway’ Season 10, Episode 13: Tim Gunn Makes Home Visits

Mondo Print on Print Portrait - P 2012

Mondo Print on Print Portrait - P 2012

The mentor visits the final four designers at their homes before the judges determine who gets to compete at New York Fashion Week.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday's episode.]

Answer the door, because this week Tim Gunn is making home visits! The final four were given five weeks and $9,000 to create collections worthy of a place at NYFW.

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Tim Gunn’s Home Visits

Christopher -- Massepequa, NY: Tim’s visit left Christopher confident in his direction. His collection featured an X-ray print combined with distressed leather separates. Tim was crazy about the leather treatment and said Christopher should feel good about his progress. (By the way, how cute was “tea time with Tim?”)

Fabio -- New York: Fabio’s collection sent Tim on a fashion rollercoaster. One minute, he loved it. The next, he was baffled and confused. Fabio’s Cosmic Tribalism collection of flowing separates in soft pinks and blues captivated Tim. But when it came to the shoes and styling direction, Tim just didn’t get it.

Dmitry -- Jersey City, N.J.: Dmitry lost his lease and had to resign from his job to continue competing on the show, so making it to NYFW means everything. His collection inspired by organic architecture showed off his impeccable construction but Tim questioned whether Dmitry pushed himself to show the judges something new.

Melissa -- San Francisco: Tim said Melissa’s collection couldn’t be more her and that he loved the special textiles and treatments she used. She returned to her roots and designed mostly in black but added white pieces and red accents as well. Melissa has a clear point of view and knows her customer.

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Return to the Runway

The designers reunited for a celebratory toast at their Yotel suite before heading to their new workroom at the 1407 Broadway building the next day. They’re eager to see each other’s collections and size up the competition. Tim announced that they will each be showing three looks to the judges to determine who will be continuing to NYFW.

Here’s what I thought of the runway show:

Dmitry: The geometry and balance of his white dress was sharp and modern. Between the sheer top, frilly shoulders, beaded bib, and the pant detail, his second look had too much going on for me. I liked the print of his fringe-sleeved jacket, but felt that it lost impact paired with the top and skirt. Overall though, I thought Dmitry chose looks that represented his collection very well.

Christopher: I appreciated that his collection was mostly separates, but I was pretty underwhelmed by what he showed. As cohesive as it was, it lacked range. I realize that Christopher was limited by what fit his models, but c’mon! Beyond the print, there was not much innovation shown in these three looks.

Fabio: I loved Fabio’s conceptual collection. The draped blazer with the bustier and pants was really lovely. The cropped top of his second look seemed like it had fit issues in the front, but I thought the back was pretty. His pink dress was draped really interestingly and looked very easy to wear. I liked his craft like jewelry and his crazy laced shoes, but the wigs.....oh, the wigs. Bowls belong in the kitchen.

Melissa: Her first look was OK but I thought that the proportion of the top was a little off. The star of her second look was definitely the jacket but the sleeve cuffs made it seem fitting for a teenage daughter of a pirate. Her last look reminded me an awful lot of her Marie Claire dress, but otherwise it was edgy and cool. The styling wasn't working for me.... again the wigs! OH THE WIGS!

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The Judges’ Critiques

No guest judges this week -- it’s only family.

Fabio: Heidi liked that Fabio had such a distinct point of view and was intrigued by his “schlumpy” but cool vibe; Michael said he liked the tension between the sweet colors and silhouettes as well as the “demented” shoes, but told Fabio to be careful about his styling; Nina found the vest beautiful but was worried that the pieces didn’t look polished or sophisticated enough.

Dmitry: Nina said his pieces looked expensive but wanted Dmitry to push himself even more; Michael liked that he had a lot of ideas but suggested that he keep his styling young and sexy; Heidi said that he needed to pair his wow pieces with more subtle pieces so that they really shine; styling is everything, Michael stressed.

Christopher: Heidi loved the combination of the print and leather but wished she would have seen more wow pieces -- she called his first look boring; Michael liked the print as well, but encouraged him to keep trying every possible combination; Nina was surprised he went so dark—she said his three looks were too similar and that she was worried about the rest of his collection.

Melissa: Heidi called Melissa’s black and white jacket the hero but thought the other looks were just ok; Michael questioned whether she could pull together a show with lots of impact and said the wigs were rough; Nina called Melissa’s collection very limited but said there was a sense of coolness. However, Nina wanted her to cut the cuffs off the jacket.

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The Judges’ Decision

In the end, the judges wanted to see more from everyone, so all four designers will show at NYFW.

No twist? No final challenge? Then, they were all given the golden ticket to fashion week? They’ll each get two more days to refine their collections to perfection before they hit the biggest runway of their lives. Lifeline!

What did you think? Are you glad all four will move on? Who do you think will win Project Runway season 10? Sound off in the comments below.

Denver fashion designer Mondo Guerra earned a runner-up finish on Project Runway season eight then went on to claim victory on the debut season of Project Runway All Stars. In addition to an upcoming guest editor position at Marie Claire, Mondo has also launched I Design, a new HIV/AIDS education campaign with Merck. To learn more about Mondo, visit