'Project Runway': Tim Gunn Warns One Designer About 'Ego' (Exclusive Video)

"I just wanna cover myself," one competitor says of wanting to create a garment her own way instead of following her team's advice.

The Project Runway designers are only just starting to see what it's going to be like working in teams -- and some of them aren't loving it.

In season 11 of the Lifetime design competition, the designers have been split into two groups and will work in teams for the remainder of the competition.

As seen in this exclusive clip from the second episode, airing Thursday, at least one of the designers is struggling with creating a garment that fits her own aesthetic vs. one that reflects what the team wants.

Patricia Michaels tells mentor Tim Gunn that she wants to be able to defend her design as being her own aesthetic should she land in the bottom.

"I'm beginning to sense that you're thinking about, 'Wait a minute -- what about me?' It's about you," Gunn replies as he motions to the entire team.

"I just wanna cover myself," Michaels explains, to which Gunn admonishes: "I'm sensing ego."

Project Runway airs at 9 p.m. Thursdays. Susan Sarandon is this week's guest judge.