'Project X' Trailer: Teens Get Rowdy, Raunchy in Movie Produced by 'Hangover' Director Todd Phillips (Video)

Project X Warner Bros. - H 2011
Warner Bros.

Project X Warner Bros. - H 2011

The comedy, which opens March 2, centers on a party thrown by three high school seniors looking to make a name for themselves.

Director Todd Phillips has already explored the aftermath of a night of partying in both The Hangover and its sequel. Now, he's turned his attention to what happens during the party itself.

The helmer has produced a low-budget teen comedy, Project X, that centers on three high school seniors who throw a big birthday bash to make a name for themselves, but things quickly spiral out of control as word of the party gets around.

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The R-rated movie features a cast of newcomers, including Thomas Mann, Jonathan Daniel Brown and Oliver Cooper.

Warner Bros. released the first trailer for the movie on Wednesday, and it shows a raucous, rowdy party featuring scantily clad teens, a car driving into a pool and a house fire.

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"Is this big enough to be cool?" one of the seniors throwing the party asks.

"Game changing," replies another.

The movie, which marks the directorial debut of Nima Nourizadeh, opens March 2.