Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender Attend London Premiere of Ridley Scott’s 'Prometheus'

Stars at Prometheus Premiere

Introducing the legendary director, Fox executive Tom Rothman praised his imagination and ambition, saying, "The technical term for that is balls. It's rare in Hollywood."

LONDON -- Director Ridley Scott and the cast of Prometheus, including Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce, walked a blue carpet here Thursday night for the world premiere of the sci-fi adventure.

Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairman and CEO Tom Rothman introduced Scott at the Empire Leicester Square to much applause by lauding him for his ambition, imagination and other strengths. "The technical term for that is balls," he said. "It's rare in Hollywood."

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Rothman himself was wrongly introduced as "Tim," leading him to quipping that Tim Roth was close but not quite right on this night.

Scott thanked Rothman, telling the crowd that the studio boss gives better speeches than he does. "I just die when I do it," he said before earning laughs when addressing Rothman as "Tom -- Tim? Tom?"

Interviewed earlier on the blue carpet as part of the entertainment for the premiere audience, Scott had said he finished Prometheus "right around two months ago," with his next project starting in 10 weeks.

How is his latest film better than regular sci-fi fare? "It's not necessarily [better], but it's better than a lot," Scott said.

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Fassbender was asked how many days he was running around on the set. "Not that much," he replied before adding about his character, "Robots don't run."

Salma Hayek also was among the celebrities attending the premiere.

The afterparty for the film was at swanky Aqua at Oxford Circus, with house music, sushi, passionfruit and alcoholic beverages keeping the crowd entertained.

At the party, Rothman told The Hollywood Reporter about  what he believes sets Prometheus apart from other sci-fi films.

"The ideas in it are very original, so I think it is a fresh, new mythology," he said. Will there be a follow-up movie? "I hope so. Fingers crossed."

When asked about his expectations for Prometheus, Rothman said: "I don't deal in expectations, only in what happens. Expect nothing, hope for everything."

He also said that London as the location for the Prometheus world premiere was "particularly fitting for this movie because this movie is a world cinematic event. This is a truly international film," and interest in it is worldwide.