Carey Mulligan Seeks Revenge in 'Promising Young Woman' Trailer

Adam Brody, Laverne Cox, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge and Molly Shannon round out the cast.

Carey Mulligan spends her nights pretending to be too drunk to function and waits for a "nice guy" to come up to her and try to take care of her before she seeks her revenge in Focus Features' first Promising Young Woman trailer.

The topical thriller, directed and written by Killing Eve season two showrunner Emerald Fennell, follows a woman haunted by a past tragedy who goes after predatory men.

The trailer opens on a scene of Mulligan slumped on a sofa at a bar, as three men stare at her One says, "You know they put themselves in danger, girls like that." When Adam Brody's character takes her to his place and starts to kiss her, she mumbles, "What are you doing?" He replies, "It's OK, you're safe." She asks again, much clearer, "Hey, what are you doing?"

As scenes of her stumbling around bars and then being taken home by "nice guys" flash by, Mulligan's Cassie explains she goes to bars every week, pretends she's too drunk and waits for a man to come check on her. With every man who takes her home, she adds another tally in her notebook.

When she runs into someone she knew from medical school, the trailer hints that she dropped out due to some sort of sexual assault accusation. "I left under unusual circumstances," Cassie tells her former peer. In another shot of her at lunch, Cassie asks a different peer, "You remember what happened, right? Why I dropped out?" To which she replies, "I'm not the only one who didn't believe it."

In a flashback, Cassie's speaking to the dean of fictional Forrest University's Medical School, who says she gets this sort of accusation all the time.

Sitting on the steps of a house, Cassie speaks to a mother figure and tells her she should've "gone with her." The mom tells her, "You have to let it go."

Over a violin rendition of Britney Spears' "Toxic," scenes of Cassie smashing a car windshield, dressed as a nurse, flash by. "Why do you guys have to ruin everything?" one guy says. "We were kids," another one exclaims. "I have to give him the benefit of the doubt," the dean says. "It's every guy's worst nightmare to get accused like that," someone says in tears. "Can you guess what every woman's worst nightmare is?" Cassie replies.

Promising Young Woman will premiere at Sundance Film Festival in January and is set to hit theaters on April 17.

Watch the full trailer above.