Propaganda opens office in Mumbai


NEW DELHI -- International in-film product placement and promotion company Propaganda GEM (Global Entertainment Marketing) is establishing an India office in Mumbai.

In an interview Monday, Propaganda senior account manager Feyo Kolff said that the Indian operation will begin in 2007, adding: "The company's main activity in India will be product placement in Bollywood films for a selection of current Propaganda clients, then quickly expand to a larger variety of international brands, then Indian brands, and potentially the placement of international Indian brands in Hollywood films at a later stage."

Internationally, Propaganda GEM has worked on product placements in films such as "The Thomas Crown Affair" (for Bulgari), "Tomb Raider 2" (for Panasonic), "Mission Impossible 3" (for Lamborghini), "Minority Report", "The Matrix" trilogy and "Charlie's Angels 2" (for Nokia) and "Transporter 2" (for Audi), among other projects. Propaganda GEM has similarly marketed brands like Bang & Olufsen, Bentley, Casio, Lacoste and TAG Heuer among others. Co-headquartered in Geneva and Los Angeles, Propaganda has offices in London, Beijing, Madrid and Tokyo, among other locations.

Though various Indian companies and advertising agencies have been active in the field of in-film product placement for various Bollywood releases, Propaganda would be the first international specialist to enter the Indian market.

Kolff said that the India initiative has been taken with Mumbai-based investment bank Yes Bank. "Given the complexities of the Indian and Bollywood market the office will most likely be (co-) headed (along with Kolff) by a local expert," he said.