Psy to Appear in Chinese Film 'From Vegas to Macau 3'

Psy Gangam Style Dance - P 2013
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Psy Gangam Style Dance - P 2013

"I've heard a lot about you," the pop rapper says in the trailer, while wearing a bright white suit. "Let's do it!"

Looks like Psy might be bringing his Gangnam style to Vegas.

The South Korean pop superstar is making a surprise cameo in the upcoming Chinese action-comedy movie From Vegas to Macau 3.

Wearing a white tuxedo and bedecked in bling, Psy appears opposite Chow Yun Fat in the movie's trailer, which dropped earlier this week.

"I heard a lot about you," Psy tells Chow as the two face off on a casino floor. "Let's do it!"

Nothing regarding Psy's role has been officially released, but buzz around the picture suggests he plays some kind of gambling advisor. 

Slated for release in China on Feb. 8, From Vegas to Macau 3 also stars Hong Kong stars Carina Lau and Andy Lau.

Director Wong Jing's From Vegas to Macau series is a continuation of his God of Gamblers franchise, which began in the late 1980s. The first movie in the second set of films, The Man From Macau, grossed just shy of $85 million in mainland China in 2014. The sequel earned a whopping $157 million earlier this year. All of the movies star Chow as a world-famous super gambler. 

Check out Psy in the trailer for From Vegas to Macau 3 below.