Psy Becomes Face of Korean Cosmetics Brand, Postage Stamps

Psy Endorsement Energy Factor - H 2013
Courtesy of Somang

Somang says sales of its Energy Factory line of lotions shot up thanks to the "Gangnam Style" singer's endorsement.

SEOUL — Psy’s ubiquitous presence, from the South Korean president’s inaugural ceremony to instant noodle commercials, seems to have evolved from a focus on his iconic “horse dance” to a close-up of his rotund face.

The YouTube star may be far from conventional notions of handsome, yet the chubby rapper has become the face for not only men’s skincare but also for postage stamps.

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The 35-year-old fueled sales for the Energy Factory line of lotions for men by major Korean cosmetics brand Somang. More than an “impressive 200,000 bottles” were sold in just a month, according to Somang, which expects the number to reach 1 million by the end of the year. In particular, the men’s balm featured in ad campaigns is becoming increasingly popular not only among its target consumer group of men in their 20s but also those in their 30s and 40s.

Psy took part in the product collaboration every step of the way, from choosing the ingredients to designing the packaging and marketing the goods. His promotional video for the latter has already been seen by 550,000 viewers on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Psy’s face also decorated a series of limited-edition postage stamps. The special pop art-inspired designs were released recently by his local agency YG Entertainment. Special packages of stamps featuring the singer doing his horse dance, along with postcards and a glass frame, are being sold at 22 post offices in Seoul and online at Postar Art Shop and the YG Entertainment-run online store.