Psy Completes New Album


The “Gangnam Style” star may unveil new tracks from his “Gentleman” follow-up later this month during his Christmas concerts in Seoul.

SEOUL – Amid rumors that Psy is readying for a comeback, the South Korean musician’s local agency confirmed that the “Gangnam Style” star has finally completed recording his next album. Local media reports speculate that the singer may unveil his work during concerts to be held around Christmas in Seoul.

According to YG Entertainment, the upcoming project will be a complete studio album, rather than a single like “Gentleman,” his follow-up to the global hit “Gangnam Style,” which remains the most viewed video of all time on YouTube with 1.8 billion hits ("Gentleman" has notched 600 million views so far).

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Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, has completed recording all of the tracks for the new album and is currently involved in the pre-production of music videos, his agency said. 

The singer, who turns 36 on Dec. 31, could stage test one of his new singles during his concerts here, slated to take place on five consecutive nights from Dec. 21-25. If not then, he is expected to unveil the new album in January.