PSY's 'Gangnam Style' Tops U.K. Chart, Makes It Onto BBC Radio 4's Agenda -Setting Today Program


Marking the first time a South Korean act has made it to the top of the British charts, Psy's hit is also now the most "liked" video of all time on YouTube.

LONDON –  Rapper Psy hit the top of the U.K. singles chart Sunday night and the media headlines Monday after becoming the first South Korean pop star to top the British charts.

The song "Gangnam Style" is not only number one in the U.K. but is also, according to the BBC, the most "liked" YouTube video of all time, with more than 3.2 million people pressing that particular button.

The song and Psy's dance routing has become a global phenomenon featuring heavily across the internet.

It entered the top 40 at number 37 two weeks ago here before hitting number three a week ago.

Sunday night saw Gangnam Style knock The Script's "Hall of Fame" off top spot.

His chart topper, all sung in South Korean and talking about the glitzy, ritzy part of Seoul, even made it to the agenda-setting, heavyweight early morning news show the Today program on BBC Radio 4.

The show is a place normally preserved for heavyweight politicians to duke it out over questions on the economy, social policy or British involvement in military action around the globe.

The Today program put together a package from its correspondent in South Korean Lucy Williamson who told listeners the rapper's press conference late last week in Seoul was billed as the biggest media event of the year following his return to the U.S. where his song has been a smash hit also.

Williamson reported that his success in the U.S. was "prompting a lot of soul-searching here because many of the bands that have been promoted so far have been much more formulaic, very highly-manufactured girlbands and boybands that have made it big in Asia but have never really broken through in the way that Psy has done."

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