Public School Is Changing Up Its Runway Schedule Too

Thomas Concordia/WireImage
Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne


Public School is the latest fashion label to challenge the current fashion calendar. Designers Dao Yi-Chow and Maxwell Osborne will be combining their women's and men's collections to present only twice a year — in December and June, which aligns more with the pre-fall schedule.

"Showing twice a year with both men's and women's in one show will allow us to really develop our ideas cohesively throughout the year and subsequently slow the entire process down," Chow, who also serves as the co-creative director of DKNY with Osbourne, told WWD. "We can actually enjoy our collections as opposed to being tied to the calendar."

The collections will also be renamed as simply "Collection 1" for pre-spring and spring and "Collection 2" for pre-fall and fall.

Added Osborne: "When we launched women's, it was always the extension of the men's collections. It was a collection that our female friends could enjoy without altering the men’s pieces to wear. We feel the similar design approach made more of an impact when we showed men's and women's at the same time."

While they previously presented menswear in January and July and womenswear in February and September, the fashion trade reports that the designers will instead use that time to focus on "consumer-facing activity." What that might entail for the New York-based fashion house remains unclear at the moment.

Public School joins a growing list of designers who are opting to merge their collections, including Gucci, Tom Ford and Burberry. As for whether or not the design duo will be embracing the "see now, buy later" model like Gucci or the "see now, buy now" system has yet to be announced.