Publishers join YouTube chorus

NMPA added to class action over copyright infringement

Music publishers are among those who joined a class-action lawsuit Monday that accuses YouTube and its parent company Google of copyright infringement.

The National Music Publishers Assn. and a handful of other groups joined a class-action suit filed May 4 in New York by the Premier League, England's top soccer division, and the Bourne Co., an independent music publisher.

The NMPA contends that copyrighted music is one of the big draws for the site and that the copyright infringement there goes largely unchecked.

"NMPA is very concerned about YouTube's approach to copyright," said David Israelite, the trade group's president and CEO. "We are joining the lawsuit to protect the interests of music publishers and songwriters, whose creative works are being used without permission or compensation by YouTube."

Also joining the lawsuit are investigative journalist Robert Tur; the U.K.'s Rugby Football League; the Finnish Football League Assn.; X-Ray Dog Music, composers and producers of high-end music for movie and TV trailers; Knockout Entertainment ( and Seminole Warriors Boxing, which have separately promoted boxing matches; and Daniel Quinn, author of "Ishmael."

E-mails to Google and YouTube seeking comment were not immediately returned.