Puff Daddy Hopes to Buy the Carolina Panthers, Stephen Curry Wants in

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The music mogul also vowed to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who became a free agent after sparking controversy surrounding his decision to kneel during the National Anthem.

Sean "Diddy" Combs' dream of purchasing an NFL team may seemingly be shaping into reality. After voicing his desires to own a team in October, the Bad Boy general on Sunday revealed his plans for trying to purchase the Carolina Panthers. 

"Attention to the Carolina PANTHERS!! ATTENTION NFL! This is a chance to make history!!! There are NO AFRICAN AMERICAN MAJORITY OWNERS IN THE NFL!!!! I WOULD LIKE TO BUY THE CAROLINA PANTHERS!!! Let’s GOOOOOOO!!!!! Spread the word. Tell the world! No joke," wrote the rapper/entrepreneur on Instagram

The initial news of the sale of the team was reported on the Carolina Panthers website. Owner Jerry Richardson had announced his decision to sell off the Panthers by the end of the 2017 season, revealing in a letter: "I believe that it's time to turn the franchise over to new ownership."

According to Sports Illustrated, the sale of the team comes amid allegations regarding four former Carolina employees who received "significant settlements" after Richardson made inappropriate comments during his tenure with the team. First, he allegedly made improper comments towards women during "Jeans Day," in which employees were allowed to wear denim on Fridays. On a separate occasion, Richardson also used a racial slur towards an African American scout. 

As for Diddy, he's hoping to remedy the league's lack of minority owners by inserting his name into the race for ownership. "I will be the best NFL owner that you can imagine," he said on his Instagram video.

The hip-hop mogul also vowed to bring in Colin Kaepernick in hopes of reviving his career, following the controversy surrounding the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback's decision to kneel for the National Anthem and his subsequent limbo as a seemingly blackballed free agent: "I will immediately address the Colin Kaepernick situation and put him in the running for next year's starting quarterback. It's just competition baby, it's just competition. But also, I will have the best halftime show, the best selection of music and we will win Super Bowl after Super Bowl,"

Diddy might not only have the money, but also the extra star power needed to make such a move a reality. After announcing his decision to seek ownership of the Panthers, NBA star (and Charlotte, North Carolina native) Stephen Curry chimed in and revealed his intentions to join the rapper on the huge power play. "I want in," he tweeted. 

Check out the tweets below. 

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