Pusan festival to honor Johnnie To

Hong Kong director seen as a last bastion of old school

LOCARNO, Switzerland -- Hong Kong director Johnnie To will be honored with a 10-film retrospective at the upcoming Pusan International Film Festival.

The festival depicts To as one of the last bastions of a Hong Kong cinema that began to dissipate after the territory's hand-over from Britain to China. It will also look at his influence on the careers of major Hong Kong stars including Chow Yun-fat and Andy Lau.

In addition to the screening series, festival organizers and the Pusan National University will host a To master class. This year's Pusan festival is set for Oct. 8-16.

Johnnie To retrospective screening series:

"The Enigmatic Case" (1980)
"All About Ah-Long" (1989)
"Running Out of Time" (1999)
"Needing You" (2000)
"Running on Karma," (2003)
"Breaking News" (2004)
"Election" (2005)
"Election 2," (2006)
"Exiled" (2006)
"Vengeance" (2009)