Pusan pair add Asian mart to duties


The longtime heads of the Pusan International Film Festival will be the new leaders of the Asian Film Market, organizers said Tuesday.

PIFF director Kim Dong-ho and co-director Lee Yong-kwan will take over the running of the AFM, set for Oct. 3-6.

PIFF deputy director and world cinema programmer Jay Jeon also will come on board the AFM to take charge of administrative matters.

The Pusan festival has been one of the most popular film events in Asia since its founding in 1996, attracting nearly 200,000 people to the nine-day festival each fall in the port city of Busan, South Korea.

The AFM formally began in 2006 after growing out of several previous film industry events held in conjunction with PIFF.

Park Kwang-su, former director of the AFM, stepped down in December, choosing to focus on directing films.

Kim has served as festival director of PIFF since the festival kicked off 13 years ago. Lee has served as programmer since the festival was started in 1996, before being promoted to co-director in 2006.