Pusan's PPP welcomes 27 projects

Oxide Pang to present 'The Psycho Virus'

SEOUL -- The number of multinational co-productions rose during this year’s Pusan Project Plan, a project market by the Pusan International Film Festival.

The market, which begins October 10 at Seacloud Hotel, includes a team of Pablo Trapero, the Argentinean director of “Leonera," nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2008, and Korean producer Suh Youngjoo of Finecut. Tsai Ming Liang, a Taiwanese director is also teaming up with a French producer in “The Diary of a Young Boy" about a middle-aged man displaying advertising boards at a luxurious resort in central Taipei.

Separately, Oxide Pang ("Bangkok Dangerous") will present criminal thriller, “The Psycho Virus” and Rithy Panh’s new project “Shiiku” tells the story of an African-American soldier captured by the children of an isolated village after his plane crashed in the Cambodian mountains during the Vietnam War.

Out of 27 works, this year’s PPP features several by talented young directors and celebrity Korean directors. Iraqi-Dutch director Mohamed Al-daradji, whose “Son of Babylon" was screened at Berlin International Film Festival in 2009, and George Ovashvli, whose first feature film also premiered during last year's Berlin fest, were each nominated in the section.

Meanwhile, celebrated Korean directors including E J-Yong (“Actresses”) and Daniel H. Byun (“Scarlet Letter”) have submitted their latest works in progress. Choi Donghun (“Tazza: The High Rollers”) will also present his new crime-thriller “The Thieves” (working title) during the festival.

Among the highlights of this year’s PPP is the return of Pusan regulars including Anocha Suwichakornpong, whose previous film "Mundane History" was funded by Pusan’s Asian Cinema Fund for post-production. “The White Room” is her submission for PPP.

Pusan’s Asian Cinema Fund will also work closely with PPP this year. Both PPP and Script Development Fund have jointly nominated three works under this year’s Asian Cinema Fund. ACF, launched in 2007, is a funding program to help raise the profile of independent film productions and set up a stable production environment. A selected number of directors will also be invited to a Korean film studio to work on sound mixing under Post-Production Fund.  

Selected Project List for PPP 2010
1. Anarchy, Maryam NAJAFI (Iran)
2. Asphyxia, Asli ÖZGE (Turkey, Germany)
3. Baby Blue (La Belle Déesse), Daniel H. BYUN (Korea)
4. The Diary of a Young Boy, TSAI Ming Liang (Taiwan, France)
5. Extraordinary Me, Mouly SURYA (Indonesia)  
6. Falling In Love (working title), LEE J-Yong (Korea)  
7. Flapping in the middle of nowhere, NGUYEN Hoang Deip (Vietnam)
8. Howling (working title), Yoo Ha (Korea)  
9. It Must Be a Camel, Charlotte LIM Lay Kuen (Malaysia)
10. Khibula, George OVASHVIL (Georgia)
11. Miracle, Toshio LEE, (Japan)
12. Pablo Trapero's Project (working title), Pablo TRAPERO (Argentina, Korea)
13. The Psycho Virus, Oxide PANG (Hong Kong, China)
14. The Rainbow, Yolkin TUICHIEV (Uzbekistan)
15. Red Coal, XIE Fei (China)  
16. Remote Control, Byamba SAKHYA (Mongolia, France)
17. Shiiku, Rithy PANH (Cambodia, France)
18. Somalia, KIM Kyunghyung (Korea)
19. Starry Starry Night, LIN Shu-Yu (Taiwan)
20. Stoma, Julian LEE (China)
21. Suika and Kinoko, Naoko OGIGAMI (Japan)  
22. Television, Mostofa Sarwar FAROOKI (Bangladesh)
23. The Thieves, CHOI Donghun, Korea
24. A Thousand Boys (working title), Akan SATAYEV (Kazakhstan, Russia)
25. The Train Station, Mohamed AL-DARADJI (Iraq, U.K., Netherlands)
26. Underground Fragrance, Pengfei SONG (China, France)
27. The White Room, Anocha SUWICHAKORNPONG (Thailand, Japan, U.K.)