Luis Prieto Conjures ‘Drive’ With the Trailer for His Remake of Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Pusher’ (Video)

Pusher Screen Grab Yellow - H 2012

Pusher Screen Grab Yellow - H 2012

The Spanish filmmaker's reinterpretation of the 1996 thriller evokes the glossy style of Refn's most recent film.

The first film to benefit from writer-director Nicolas Winding Refn’s recent success with Drive may be one that’s not even his. Yahoo Movies UK posted a trailer Tuesday for Pusher, Luis Prieto’s remake of Refn’s film of the same name, and the clip resembles the ‘80s gloss of the director’s recent work much more closely than the gritty, handheld aesthetic that defined his 1996 debut.

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Refn first earned international attention for the Pusher trilogy, all three of whose installments he directed. After teaming up with actor Tom Hardy for the unconventional biopic Bronson in 2008, both the director and his leading man began to discover wider acclaim, but the release of Drive in 2011 earned him both critical and commercial success.

While directing his next film, a reunion with Drive star Ryan Gosling entitled Only God Forgives, Refn executive produced Prieto’s remake, which appears to closely follow the plot of his film. In the original movie, a young dealer gets himself in trouble with a drug lord after the cops intercept a big deal, leaving him with neither the drugs he was selling nor the money he would have earned. Meanwhile, the look of the trailer evokes the ‘80s gloss of Refn’s work on Drive, although it remains to be seen whether the film as a whole will look or feel the same way.

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Check out the trailer below, which premiered exclusively Tuesday on Yahoo Movies UK.