'Puss in Boots'' Kitty Softpaws and 9 Other Inappropriately Sexy Cartoon Characters (Photos)

The "Shrek" spin-off isn't the first film to tease audiences with cartoon chemistry, so THR has complied a list of the medium's most attractive animations.

Salma Hayek could a give traffic cone sex appeal if she voiced it, so it's no surprise that the team behind Puss in Boots made her feline character look so awkwardly alluring.

Yes, Kitty Softpaws is a computer-generated cat, but, like Antonio Banderas' titular character, there's also disarming Latin accent behind all of the bright colors.  

PHOTOS: 'Puss in Boots' and 9 Other Sexy Cartoons

And this isn't anything new. Animators have been drawing cartoons -- human, animal and otherwise -- as sex objects since the early, seemingly benign days of Disney. (Snow White, that neckline could have been an inch or two higher.)

Some exhibit a subtle beauty (Futurama's one-eyed Turanga Leela), while others come on a bit stronger, like quintessential cartoon pin-up Jessica Rabbit.

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