Q&A: Ginnifer Goodwin

Being picky with roles has aided this WIF honoree

Ginnifer Goodwin's studied turns in 2005's "Walk the Line" and HBO's "Big Love" have earned her WIF's MaxMara Face of the Future Award. Trisha Tucker for The Hollywood Reporter talked to the actress.

The Hollywood Reporter:
The MaxMara Award is for an actress at a turning point in her career. What would you identify as your turning point?

Ginnifer Goodwin: Certainly being a part of my first film, (2003's) "Mona Lisa Smile." That certainly set my standards in co-stars, in producers, in the quality of the writing and the material and the direction. That movie absolutely defined my path. And I would say that, surprisingly, "Big Love" is probably the biggest turning point in my career. Because the number of folks who flock to the movie theater to see big studio films is so much larger than the number of people who watch HBO, I've been surprised that more opportunities have come from "Big Love" than have arisen from other projects in my life.

THR: The interactions between the three wives provide "Big Love" some of its best moments. What's your on-set relationship like with Chloe Sevigny and Jeanne Tripplehorn?

Goodwin: I am absolutely surprised that I've worked with these people now for five years and we have no drama. We have no divas. It's the healthiest, most collaborative, prioritized set. These women are women whose real lives and families, and what I judgmentally consider very good values, come first. ...

People seem to be shocked when they do photo shoots with us.

THR: This fall you're starring in "He's Just Not That Into You," which Warner Bros. will distribute for the collapsed New Line. Is Gigi anything like "Big Love's" Margene?

Goodwin: They're both un-self-aware. ... Gigi is definitely more awake and grounded than Margene and definitely less sensitive and -- dare I say -- more intelligent. Because you gotta admit, sometimes Margene is just a plain airhead.

THR: This project pairs you with yet another large and extremely accomplished cast of women. This seems to be a pattern for you.

Goodwin: I'm so spoiled rotten! I was sent my cast list (for the film), and I started crying! I hope that in a past life I did something really noble. But, you know, I'm big on not wasting time. And I've certainly gone more time than not not working because starting with "Mona Lisa Smile" set my sights so high.