Q&A: Julianna Margulies


Julianna Margulies has already garnered Golden Globe and SAG awards as "The Good Wife" on CBS' new series. The former "ER" star recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter: The life of your character, Alicia Florrick, is lived in public. Is yours?

Julianna Margulies: There's not a lot of my own personal life that's out there, except that I have a baby and a husband (attorney Keith Lieberthal) and I'm happy. My husband and I take tremendous pains to make sure our son is never photographed--and he usually isn't. As much as I have to do publicity, I try my hardest to talk about the work.

THR: Your husband's a trial attorney?

Margulies: My husband is now general counsel for a clothing company. He was a Wall Street litigator and he knew that if he wanted to see his family, litigation wasn't the way to go.

THR: Does he critique the show?

Margulies: Not really. He loves it. There are moments when he'll say, "Oh, that wouldn't have taken 20 minutes," and I'm like, "Yeah, but we have to finish the case!"

THR: Were you surprised the show received immediate praise?

Margulies: My initial surprise was that the network picked it up. I felt that network television had mostly embraced reality TV or franchise shows with a formulaic approach. As much as I thought the writers were trying to incorporate a procedural, Alicia was a very complex character in a multilayered, dramatic series.

THR: How do you stay connected to that character?

Margulies: With television, you have to be OK with not knowing the answers to everything and relying on your acting chops to find the flow of a scene. I had such a great training-ground in "ER," because it was so fast. I had to rely on gut instincts.
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THR: "The Good Wife" wasn't your only TV credit last year. You also did "Sesame Street."

Margulies: Yes! Now that I have a kid, I watch it with him and I can't believe how many people are on it--Robert De Niro did "Sesame Street"! It was wonderful--just Big Bird and me. I was a doctor and fixed his wing. It took exactly an hour and I was home.
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