Q&A: Kathy Griffin


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The Hollywood Reporter: You've got new competition in your category this year with "Undercover Boss" and "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." Afraid?

Kathy Griffin: I'm going to try and not get emotional, because I am personally pitted against my nemesis, ("Food Revolution" producer) Ryan Seacrest.

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THR: So if "Revolution" wins, are you going to pull a Kanye?

Griffin: I don't know. If you get the media too excited about something funny I might do if I lose, they actually want me to lose. But I have a photo on my iPhone that I had a friend take of me after I lost to "Intervention" last year, and let me tell you something, it ain't funny.

THR: Let's get your picks for the categories you can't possibly win. Best drama series?

Griffin: I'm going to purposely not pick "Mad Men" because I love to make fun of Jon Hamm. Plus, he's in a fantasy football league with my tour manager and I just think that's ridiculous. So I'm going to go with "Lost" and here's why: J.J. Abrams was my student when I was teaching at the Groundlings as one of my day jobs. And l feel like "Lost" took a lot of crap because they had good episodes and episodes that maybe weren't as good, but ultimately I thought it was a very compelling show.

THR: Will "Modern Family" or "30 Rock" beat "Glee" in the comedy series category?

Griffin: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it could turn the Gay Army against me. All those shows are so gay-friendly, and you know my joke about the gays: When they turn on you, it's ugly.

THR: How about the most competitive category, hairstyling on a single-cam series? The nominees are "Mad Men," "Castle," "The Tudors," "Tracey Ullman: State of the Union" and for "Glee."

Griffin: It's definitely a hard choice between "Mad Men" and "The Tudors," but I've made fun of Jon Hamm enough, so I'll say "Mad Men." The "Tudors" people don't even fly out -- so f*** them.

THR: Besides winning, what's the one thing you'd like to see happen on Emmy night?

Griffin: I would like to see the final presenter be newly released Lindsay Lohan in a nice Zac Posen mini, some (Christian) Louboutin heels, and showing off the SCRAM bracelet.