Q&A: Maria Bartiromo

CNBC anchor

The Hollywood Reporter:
How do you respond to criticism that CNBC lacks skepticism?

Bartiromo: CNBC has represented a forum for all voices. You could have tuned in a number of times in the last three years and heard people like George Soros predict that the world was coming to an end. I've had many bears on my shows, including during the dot-com bubble.

THR: What do you think of Fox Business Network?

Bartiromo: They're doing something different than we are. Frankly, it has made us better. Fox did us a fantastic favor.

THR: How do you like being called "The Money Honey"?

Bartiromo: (Laughing). A newspaper reporter called me that. He needed something that rhymed with "money." It's not like I go around calling myself that. But I'm flattered.