Q&A: Neil Cavuto

Senior vp and managing editor business news, Fox News Channel; anchor, FNC and Fox Business Network

The Hollywood Reporter:
What sets FBN apart from the competition?

Cavuto: We're neither red nor blue, conservative nor liberal. We're just looking out for green: How you can protect what you have, how the nation should protect what it has. That is a very bi-partisan business approach. We are the network that avoids big words and business jargon because we feel average folks are smart enough to get this without being talked down to.

THR: Why are ratings up for financial newsies in this downturn?

Cavuto: People are fixating on this because it's an unprecedented historical anomaly with the government doing something this big. We are spending more in real dollar terms on this than we did to come out of the Depression.

THR: Any prediction when FBN will catch CNBC ratings-wise?

Cavuto: We are focused right now on growth. When FNC started, I was of the view that you couldn't have three news channels survive 10 years. But they are all still around. It's a field of dreams thing: If you build it, they will come.
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