Q&A: Salma Hayek

WIF Lucy Award honoree Hayek takes multitasking to a new level

At Tuesday night's Crystal+Lucy Awards, WIF will salute Salma Hayek, executive producer of ABC's "Ugly Betty," with the Lucy Award for excellence in television.

She spoke with Shannon L. Bowen for The Hollywood Reporter about her triple-threat career and life as a new mom.

The Hollywood Reporter: Is it challenging to juggle all these roles?

Salma Hayek: It's definitely not easy, but it was hard for me when I was just an actress, and I am glad that it was hard because if it had been easy, I probably wouldn't have tried all those things.

THR: What were some of your goals when you set out to make "Ugly Betty"?

Hayek: I wanted it to be different than anything I was seeing on television. I also wanted Latin people to feel excited and proud that there was something on television that sort of belonged to them, but I wanted the American audience not to feel alienated from it.

THR: What is your production company, Ventanazul, working on right now?

Hayek: We have six or seven projects in development, and I have to tell you, we were really hurt by the writers strike. We're just picking up again right now.

THR: You have acting projects in the works, too: Disney's "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," "Cirque du Freak," "La Banda" and "Keep Coming Back."

Hayek: I was attached to all of these things, but I backed out of all of them except for "Cirque du Freak" because of the pregnancy. I took some time off to focus on the production company and on my personal life.

THR: What advice do you give to women trying to succeed in this business?

Hayek: Follow your heart. Never compare yourself to anyone else. Never put yourself down. Thank yourself for getting you where you are, and never give up. That's a lot of advice, isn't it?
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