Quantel engineers new system for post, digital


LAS VEGAS -- Quantel has unveiled a "teamworking" system for post and digital intermediate work dubbed Genetic Engineering. Burbank post facility Fotokem hosted beta testing and has purchased and installed the new technology.

Genetic Engineering is an open media-management system designed to tie together Quantel, as well as third party, post systems. It can be configured to support HD RGB or 4k resolution.

Said Quantel director of marketing Steve Owen: "Storage Area Network-based teamworking is a continual drag on efficiency, with multiple copies of media clogging up disc space and leading to significant media-management issues, especially when working at resolutions of 2k and above. Genetic Engineering allows multiple users to access the same clips at the same time without copying or moving media.

"Genetic Engineering handles all the different resolutions in real time and without creating any new media," he added. "Linux or Windows-based third-party systems can hook into the shared space just as easily as Quantel machines -- there are no proprietary APIs."

For Fotokem, Genetic Engineering now links the post house's four 4k-capable Quantel DI suites together and enables other systems in the DI pipeline to access the same media.

"We can scan, dustbust, conform, grade, film out and work simultaneously on several machines and never need to move media or manage multiple copies," said Bill Schultz, senior vp and GM of Fotokem's digital film services.

The Genetic Engineering system is made up of three components: Sam, Max and the GenePool. The GenePool is the base management technology designed to host multiple streams and accommodate multiple feature projects simultaneously. Sam is a data server, which provides network access to media via the Common Internet Filing System protocol. Max is an assist station, essentially a scaled-down Quantel-finishing system, developed to increase efficiency by taking control of such backroom tasks as conforms, playouts and quality control.
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