Quebec Weighs Film Suicide-Content Warning

Quebec film censors asked to consider adding caveat against suicide content to classification system.

TORONTO – To existing warnings about explicit sex, violence and vulgar language, Quebec’s film censors are now weighing whether to forewarn against graphic suicide content.

The Regie du cinema, Quebec’s film classification agency, is considering a possible content caution against suicides in films, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported Friday. “This is not a magic wand. It won’t solve the issue of suicide tomorrow morning. But offering more information doesn’t seem superfluous either,” said Quebec culture minister Christine St-Pierre, who told the Regie du cinema to investigate adding suicide to film classifications.

The political move was prompted by petition of 2500 signatures submitted to Quebec’s National Assembly from an association of suicide survivors. The association contends young people, or their parents, should be warned about a graphic suicide scene or suicide-related content in a film.