Quebec won't push on dubbing issue


BANFF, Alberta -- Quebec producers on Tuesday rejected proposed legislation that would force Hollywood producers to dub their theatrical releases in the French-speaking province.

Claire Samson, CEO of the Association des producteurs de films et de television du Quebec, said Hollywood producers should not be forced to dub their releases in Quebec, but rather receive incentives to do so on a voluntary basis.

Last week, the opposition Action democratique party proposed amendments to the Quebec Cinema Act that would force the studios to hire Quebec actors and comics to voice their movies using Quebecois accents, rather than rely on French talent using Parisian accents.

The protectionist dubbing bill is not expected to pass in the Quebec legislature for lack of votes. Samson said the impetus for the bill came from Pierre Curzi, the culture critic for the opposition Parti Quebecois, who most recently was president of the Union des Artistes, the province's performers union.

About 75% of movies released in Quebec are dubbed in French, as required by the Cinema Act, but no provision has been made for the local French dialect.