Quebecor launches Canuck online video portal

On-demand Illico Web service will offer 32 online channels

BANFF, ALBERTA -- Quebecor Media on Wednesday launched a "TV Everywhere" offering for its Quebec cable subscribers.

The on-demand Illico Web service will offer 32 online channels of video and music programming, including TVA, Radio-Canada, LCN, RDI, Meteomedia, Super Ecran and MusiquePlus, for Quebecor's Videotron subscribers.

The mostly French-language service will include English-language channels like HBO Canada, The Movie Network, YTV and Treehouse Television for Videotron's English-speaking subscribers.

Illico Web is the latest Canadian online video portal after rival cable giant Rogers Communications launched its Rogers On Demand Online service in May after six months of beta testing.

And Quebec-based Radio-Canada earlier launched Tout.TV as an online extension of the French language public broadcaster.