Quebecor wants to launch right-wing net

Seeking license for "Fox News North" in Canada

TORONTO – They're calling it Fox News North.

Quebec media giant Pierre Karl Peladeau has applied to Canada's TV regulator to launch a right-wing cable news channel to counter mainstream offerings from rival broadcasters CTV and CBC.

He may not have the stature of Roger Ailes, but Kory Teneycke, a former spin doctor for Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, has been hired by Peladeau's Quebecor Media to run the new all-news channel.

Quebecor also hired David Akin away from Global Television to become a likely TV host for the proposed conservative-minded all-news channel modeled on Fox News to the south.

The proposed Quebecor all-news channel will face competition from existing English-language news channels CBCNN, run by the CBC, and the CTV News Channel.

The CRTC, which will consider the Quebecor application, also recently approved a broadcast license for the Al Jazeera English all-news channel.

In addition to the Canadian offerings, local cable and satellite TV schedules also receive a host of American news channels including Fox, CNN and MSNBC.
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