Queen Elizabeth Found a Mistake in 'Downton Abbey'

Queen Elizabeth Jubilee
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"She loves to pick out the mistakes," said 'At Home With the Queen' author Brian Hoey.

Queen Elizabeth loves her British television. According to People, the Queen is a big fan of the popular U.K. show Downton Abbey.

"She loves to pick out the mistakes," author Brian Hoey told PeopleHoey, who has written a wealth of books chronicling the royal family, dished that the 89-year-old is able to spot small inaccuracies in Julian Fellowes' 20th century England drama even though the show has a historical advisor.

"They do tend to get it right," added Hoey. "However, the Queen did notice on one episode that there was a young so-called British officer wearing medals which had not been awarded when he was supposed to be alive. He was fighting in the First World War and the medals on his chest did not come in until the Second World War." 

The show has garnered interest from other members of the royal family. Kate Middleton visited the Abbey set back in March.

Downton Abbey will return for its sixth and final season with a season premiere Jan. 3 on PBS.