Queen Latifah to A-Listers: You'd Better Come on My Show (Video)

The new talk-show host gushes over Oprah and Jimmy Fallon -– and says her program will feature both stars and everyday heroes.

Lifelong entertainer Queen Latifah wants nothing more than for viewers of her upcoming daytime talk show "to have a good time."

"The goal of my show is to allow people for an hour a day to have fun," the Queen Latifah Show host said during her cover shoot for The Hollywood Reporter. "To be entertained. Perhaps be informed, but really just to enjoy that time."

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Latifah, whose syndicated show premieres Sept. 16, is going to have everyday heroes as guests, such as a 26-year-old widow who started an organization that takes other young widows on adventure vacations.

"They jump out of planes. They go white-water rafting. To me, she's a hero," Latifah said. "Those are amazing people to recognize. People who do extraordinary things every day."

Latifah also has a message to her famous friends, whom she would like to see on the show.

"The A-list celebrities, yeah you," Latifah deadpanned to the camera. "I see you … and you'd better come on the show."

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Latifah is taking inspiration from talk-show icons, calling Oprah Winfrey "the pinnacle" and affectionately saying of her Taxi co-star-turned-late-night-prince Jimmy Fallon: "That's my boy."

For more on Latifah and her new venture, read her profile in the Aug. 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.