'Queer Eye's' Bobby Berk Critiques Virtual Homes in 'Animal Crossing'

Queer Eye - Bobby Berk - Animal Crossing New Horizons- Publicity - Split - H 2020
Netflix; Courtesy of Nintendo

The Fab Five member from the Netflix reality series took to Twitter on Tuesday to examine the creations of players in the social simulation game.

The fashionable world of Queer Eye is crossing paths with Animal Crossing, the video game that has defined many people's time in quarantine. 

The official Twitter account for the Netflix reality series tweeted on Tuesday that Bobby Berk, one of the Fab Five, is sharing his interior design expertise with players of the social simulation Nintendo game, inviting users to share pictures of their virtual home with the hashtag #QExAC. 

For those unfamiliar, players in the game start out their island life with next to nothing, graduating to a tent and a mailbox, and then a full-on house with multiple rooms that they can decorate how they please. Some players go for elaborate designs, while others keep things more minimalist. And then, of course, some homes are just plain wacky. Berk was on board to view them all. 

Berk rated the design skills of Animal Crossing players, tweeting out his critiques. Users displayed a lot of variety in their pictures, from aquatic-themed rooms to rustic cabins to plant-filled spaces, fiery bathrooms and more.

Some of Berk's comments focused on the themes, while others critiqued the lighting and furniture — just as he would do in Queer Eye.

The calm and relaxing family-friendly game sold over 5 million digital copies in March, a record for any console game. Berk is aware that many celebrities are playing the game in quarantine, and tweeted Chrissy Teigen to show her virtual home. She has yet to respond. 

Follow the Queer Eye Twitter thread to see more of Berk's responses.