Quentin Tarantino Says His 10th and Final Film Will Be "Epilogue-y"

The director's visit to Moscow to present 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' featured a Kremlin tour with the culture minister and cheese-tasting.

Quentin Tarantino's 10th and final film is going to be "epilogue-y," the director said at a Moscow press conference for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood late Wednesday.

"If you think about the idea of all the movies telling one story and each film is like a train boxcar connected to each other, this one would sort of be the big showstopping climax of it all," he said. "And I could imagine that the 10th one would be a little more epilogue-y."

Tarantino confirmed that he plans to make only 10 movies and he still has "one more to make" but provided no further details regarding what that film might be like.

Tarantino's visit to Moscow featured, among other things, tasting cheese presented to him by a Moscow farmer and taking a tour of the Kremlin. On the tour, he was accompanied by Russia's culture minister, Vladimir Medinsky, who is known for his anti-Hollywood attitude.

No explanation was provided on why he chose to personally take Tarantino on a Kremlin tour. The culture ministry didn't respond to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.

During the tour, Tarantino asked what you had to do to be buried in the Kremlin or next to it and was told you had to be a member of the tsar's family, the news agency TASS reported.

Meanwhile, despite hanging out with the culture minister, Tarantino said he doesn't agree with the Russian government on some things.

"I don't agree with some of the things that I've heard about that are going on when it comes to the government," he told the independent TV network Dozhd. "But when I'm here, I'm here to see the Russian people. I'm here to see my fans."