NYFW: This Is How Questlove Ended Up in the Fashion World

Questlove NYFW - H 2015
Courtesy of Mr Porter

The charismatic DJ and drummer for The Roots dishes on how he stumbled into the industry while attending a New York Fashion Week party hosted by Tod's and Mr Porter.

When it comes to fashion, “I’m an accidental tourist,” said Questlove at a party last night hosted by Tod’s and Mr Porter, Net-a-Porter’s men’s division in New York.

The dapper Roots drummer who gussied up in an all black shirt-tie-blazer combo for the party, which also lured models Elettra Wiedemann and Johannes Huebl, said he can’t exactly buy suits off the rack. “I’m a big guy, so there’s no way,” he said, shaking his head and readjusting his signature hair pick above his eyes. “So people just make me things and then I get to wear them — it’s great.”

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He added that he “always does the rounds” at New York Fashion Week, but that Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter is the real fashion fiend in the band. “I mean, I like fashion, but it’s not my thing.”

Questlove (who, by the way, wears an amber-y cologne that smells amazing) dipped into the soiree — which featured a small gang of ruggedly handsome male models lounging on sofas — between chockablock commitments, including the premiere week of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (The Roots are the show’s house band). “This is my busy time," he said. "I need to leave soon to DJ a party in Brooklyn!”