Quincy Brown on His Coachella Style, a Jewelry Tribute to His Mom and New Album

Quincy Brown ZOEasis - Getty - H 2019
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

“My mom was maybe 13 years old here; it’s a very, very special photo,” says Brown of a pendant necklace he wears bearing a photo of his mother and grandmother. “Rest in peace to both of their souls! With this around my neck, I have no worries, I have no fear.”

Actor and singer Quincy Brown (who continues his role in season three of Fox's Star) showed up at Rachel Zoe’s Zoeasis Coachella party at the Parker Palm Springs hotel.

The 27-year-old son of Kim Porter and Al B. Sure (Brown was adopted by stepfather Sean "Diddy" Combs) spoke exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter about his Coachella style, his favorite festival acts and the significance of two pendant necklaces he wears, including one that honors his late mother and his grandmother. He also revealed the name of his forthcoming album to THR.

What are you working on right now?

We just finished filming Star a month ago and I have maybe five or six months off, so I’m going on auditions. I’m not at that level yet, where it’s straight off the role, and I still like going in that room and really capturing their eyes on a face-to-face level, instead of having them look at a reel. Finally, I’m putting full focus on dropping my EP in June. I have a few singles I’m going to drop very soon, as well, but I’m taking a different strategy. I’m going to drop singles that aren’t on the project. So it’s almost like I’m dropping music to prepare you for another whole body of work. I haven’t told anyone the title of the EP yet; it’s called Born an Apple, Raised a Peach, which represents me being born in New York and raised in Georgia, which is who I am.

What’s this great kimono robe that you’re wearing?

Triple RRR has definitely given me a full almost costume feel, even though I just have a robe on [$2,175, from the spring 2019 collection]. I’ve never really expressed myself with fashion, showing a lot of skin, [but] it’s the comfort of it in the desert heat. When being around music that you love, being at these parties and meeting all types of people, you want to be as fully expressive as you can. I topped it off with my spiked white Louboutins [leather lace-up sneakers]; I think the all-white look is chic. They can really go with anything. Having this cozy look with a dress shoe is a combustion of style and grace.

Tell me about your two statement necklaces. Is that your mom?

Yes, the [round diamond-trimmed pendant] is a portrait of my grandmother and my mother at a very rare age. My mom was maybe 13 years old here; it’s a very, very special photo. Rest in peace to both of their souls! With this around my neck, I have no worries, I have no fear. One of my good friends, Hector my assistant, got me this. We’ve been working together for a year. And my bike [a diamond-bedecked pendant] represents the journey. As a man, as you create your routes and manifest this journey that you’re on, the bicycle represents that extra push that you need to get where you’ve got to go. I’m not talking about an electric bike, all of this new technology, none of that. With a bike, you still have to peddle, you still have to put the work in. That represents my drive forward. [I’m not about] a full hand-out or a full "open the door." Walk me to the door, maybe, but let me get in. That’s my mentality. This chain was done by a custom jeweler. I had an idea and I told him I wanted to get something made. They are definitely special pieces.

Who are you excited to see at Coachella?

I’m excited to see SG Lewis; he is one of the favorite artists I’ve been listening to. Not many people know him, he’s an artist from the U.K. And I really want to see Virgil [Abloh]. I’ve been to a couple clubs where he was playing during fashion week, but actually playing for a festival is epic already on [top of] what he’s done. It’s just cool. He doesn’t have to do this, you know what I mean? It’s cool to dive into all these different avenues, which I do. I’m diving into fashion, I’m diving into music. I love watching people really take the stage.