Quincy Jones' Kids Called Michael Jackson Pop-ins "Normal" at Their House

Photographed by Austin Hargrave
(L-R): Rachel Jones, Kidada Jones, Rashida Jones, Martina Jones, Quincy Jones, Jr., Quincy Jones III

The music mogul poses for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue with Rachel, Kidada, Rashida, Martina and Quincy III as Rashida reveals: "We laugh a lot, and there is nothing better than that."

One of only 15 recipients of Grammy's Legend Award, music mogul Quincy Jones also has 28 Grammys for his prolific music-producing career, which includes iconic albums such Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Five of Jones' seven children posed with him for The Hollywood Reporter's legacy issue.

Martina, a model, joined her father and brother Quincy III, a record producer as well. They are the children of Swedish actress Ulla Andersson. Kadida, an actress, model and designer joined her sister Rashida, an actress and producer who had her break on Parks and Recreation. The sisters are the daughters of actress Peggy Lipton (Twin Peaks). Jones' second youngest daughter Rachel also joined the family, making the only absent Jones children the eldest Jolie and youngest, Kenya (daughter of actress Nastassja Kinski).

Playing "Fishing for Answers" with THR, the family shared their favorite movie snacks, favorite curse words, their worst habit and, of course, music.

"Every few years, it keeps happening," Quincy, III said of when he learned his father was a big deal. "I see different levels of it. Sometimes it's personal greatness, sometimes it's professional, but there's always some kind of epiphany that you have along the way that keeps growing and keeps going."

See the family's entire interview below.