Quiz! Broadcast vs. Cable Ratings


Guess whose numbers are bigger? Hint: Fall TV's new series may not be faring so well.

At this point in the fall season, most TV insiders know which new shows are doing well (Fox's New Girl, CBS' 2 Broke Girls) and which shows aren't (pretty much everything on NBC, including the just-canceled Playboy Club). But what about pitting those new shows against cable stalwarts?

1. The Playboy Cub vs. SpongeBob SquarePants

2. Ringer vs. A.N.T. Farm

3. Charlie's Angels vs. Jersey Shore

4. Free Agents vs. Pawn Stars

5. H8R vs. iCarly

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1. SpongeBob! Nickelodeon's kids favorite lured 4.2 million viewers last week, beating the 4 million that tuned in to NBC's since-axed drama.

2. A.N.T. Farm! Sarah Michelle gellar's splashy return to TV on the CW (2 million viewers) was dwarfed by the Disney Channel's sitcom about gifted middle-schoolers (3.4 million).

3. It's a tie! cable's most-watched series on MTV nabbed the same number of viewers (7.1 million) as the pricey ABC revival.

4. Pawn Stars! NBC's on-life-support comedy averaged just 3.1 million viewers, less than the 4.2 million that watched the negotiation dramas of history's hit pawn brokers.

5. iCarly.  With just 1.4 million viewers, the CW's new Mario Lopez reality series is regularly beaten by many cable franchises. Nick's teen-queen iCarly (3.8 million viewers) is outrating it nearly 3-to-1.