R. Kelly misses court date when tour bus delayed


CHICAGO -- R. Kelly could be facing arrest if he doesn't show up in court Thursday.

The 40-year-old singer, who is in the middle of a 45-city tour, faces child pornography charges for allegedly videotaping sex acts with a young teenage girl. He has pleaded not guilty.

Kelly missed a hearing Wednesday in Chicago after his tour bus was stopped by Utah State Police, said Kelly's attorney, Ed Genson.

Cook County prosecutors asked Judge Vincent Gaughan to issue a warrant for Kelly's arrest, saying the court had been generous in allowing Kelly to embark on his tour.

"The very least he could do is be here for his appointed court date," said Assistant State's Attorney Shauna Boliker.

The judge entered the warrant, but put it on hold until Thursday morning, when he ordered Kelly to appear in court.

Genson told the judge his client tried his best to make it on time, but first snow, then Utah authorities, delayed the tour bus on its journey from a concert date in Sacramento, Calif., to Chicago.

Police pulled the bus over and discovered its log book didn't document enough rest time for the driver. Police ordered the bus to stop for eight hours, Genson said.

Gaughan is expected to set a trial date in the case, which has been pending since 2002.

The singer won't have to rush off to a concert after court. A Minneapolis show Thursday night has been canceled. The next scheduled tour date is Friday in Chicago, according to Kelly's Web site.