Why R. Kelly Is Reviving 'Trapped in the Closet' (Video)

The R&B singer says he's looking for investors to back the next round of the hip-hop opera.

R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet is making a comeback.

The singer tells TMZ that he's written 32 new chapters of the musical soap opera and is looking for financing to have them produced.

The first five "chapters" of Trapped in the Closet were released in 2005 on the TP.3 Reloaded album. There were 22 chapters in all, with the last one going public in 2007.

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The Trapped in the Closet series features R. Kelly narrating what happens when he's trapped in the closet because the husband of his one night stand comes home. Various calamities and characters pop into the story, including a pimp, a little person, a neighbor with a spatula, and cameos by singer-actor Will Oldham and Michael K. Williams, the actor best know as Omar on The Wire.

R. Kelly basically describes everything going on in the story through song, including the spoken and inner dialogue of the characters.

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R. Kelly told TMZ of the project, "Trapped in the Closet, aside from me being silly and not having a job and having nothing else to do sitting around the studio, I’ve always wanted to be a movie director. That’s my movie director, seeping out through my music."

The singer -- who has recovered from a throat operation earlier this year -- appears on Wednesday's X-Factor to duet with finalist Amaro.

R. Kelly's rep has not yet responded to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment on the Trapped in the Closet revival.