Rachel Bloom Talks 'Crazy-Ex Girlfriend,' Creating Her Own Work and "Boundary Issues"

"Creating my own work was almost my way to affirm, 'OK, I'm not crazy. I'm in this for a reason,'" Bloom told THR.

"I have boundary issues, in that, I have none," said Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator and star, Rachel Bloom. "It's always been a problem."

"After bad relationships, I never built up, like, 'Well, this next relationship, I'm going to take my time.' It's always just been like, 'No, I love you. You're going to solve me now,'" Bloom told The Hollywood Reporter during the Comedy Actress Roundtable.

Since landing the lead role in The CW series, she admitted she still isn't used to the fame. "Sometimes when people recognize me from the show, I geek-out over them geeking-out about me, to the point where they have to walk away sometimes," she said. "Maybe it's because my show's new and it just happened."

"Starting out as a young actor, I thought that everyone who was an agent or was famous — they were, like, here," Bloom added, while gesturing to a level far above her head. "They knew something I didn't."

"Creating my own work and creating my own character was kind of like my haven to when I didn't feel like I was talented enough. Creating my own work was almost my way to affirm, 'OK, I'm not crazy. I'm in this for a reason.'"

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