Rachel Brosnahan, Marsha Stephanie Blake Talk Motherhood and Diversity at 'I'm Your Woman' Drive-In

Amazon Studios “I’m Your Woman” Drive In Screening
Courtesy of Amazon

The screening event, held outside the Greek Theater, featured a hybrid in-person and virtual Q&A with the Amazon film's stars and writers.

I'm Your Woman took over Los Angeles' iconic Greek Theater on Thursday night, screening at a drive-in the day before it releases on Amazon.

The 1970s-set crime thriller, starring Rachel Brosnahan, Marsha Stephanie Blake and Arinze Kene, follows the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star as a woman on the run with her baby after her husband wrongs his partners in crime. Correspondingly, the exterior of the Greek, which has been largely shuttered since March amid the pandemic, was adorned with neon road signs and classic cars to match the plot. A large screen was set up in a lot outside the theater, under which writers (and married couple) Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz sat for a Q&A, while Brosnahan and Blake joined virtually from New York.

"We love '70s crime dramas, we watched a lot of them when we first came up with the idea for the film and we loved all of the amazing female characters in them. They actually have cool three-dimensional female characters portrayed by some of the greatest actresses of all time but they're only in a handful of scenes," said Hart, who also directed the film, during the discussion. "We wanted to see what would happen when you put women at the center of that genre."

Brosnahan, who was also a producer on the project, said that focus is what drew her to film with it's "unusual representation of motherhood and conversation about motherhood" amid the crime-centered story.

Speaking to a parking lot of cars during the Q&A, Horowitz noted how he hadn't done one of these drive-in events yet, and how "it's so weird not hearing the audience." When he got a response of honks, he joked "now it feels really normal."

With the film largely focused on women and people of color, the conversation also centered on diversity in the industry, which Horowitz thinks is improving and has "a lot to do with the rapidly shifting business models that are a bit more supportive of doing things that are forwards looking instead of backwards looking," particularly during the last nine months that have seen an increasing pivot to streaming.

Blake, who previously was nominated for an Emmy for When They See Us, credited the couple for making her feel the most welcome she's ever felt on a set, and easily solving the issues many Black actresses face in the hair and makeup trailer.

"They immediately found someone who could work my dreadlocks, who knew what he was doing, who had done all of the research. They immediately found the one person in Pittsburgh, the one union African American woman to do my makeup," she said. "The woman who was doing my stunts was a young Black woman who apparently is the only one and they got her for me so they wouldn't have to paint someone dark brown to match. This is stuff that we need people to do consistently."

Upon arrival, guests were provided an in-car meal catered by Wolfgang Puck, and masks were required whenever exiting the car or lowering the windows. I'm Your Woman is now streaming on Amazon.