Rachel Comey's Melrose Place Boutique Is a Must-Visit for Flattering Jumpsuits, Rainbow Fringed Mules

Getty Images for Rachel Comey
From left: Rachel Comey, Rashida Jones, Busy Philipps, Kim Gordon

Rashida Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross, Busy Philipps are among the designer's famous fans that have visited the new retail space.

Melrose Place continues to heat up as a must-shop destination in L.A.

New York-based designer Rachel Comey has opened her eponymous brand's first West Coast boutique within spitting distance of cool canteen Alfred Coffee & Kitchen. The 2,600-square-foot, light-soaked space has a warm, earthy vibe with terra cotta-colored floors, poured concrete walls and wraparound wicker bench positioned across from a neat display of her highly-coveted shoes. (Rainbow fringed mules, anyone?)

Comey, known for creating down-to-earth clothes with a twist, and embracing different textiles in her clothing and footwear, says she wanted "a mix of elements — some that feel crafty, others that feel industrial" in the space. There's also a hand-felted mural on the dressing room wall that could almost qualify as its own mini art exhibit.

NOW OPEN: Inside the Rachel Comey store on Melrose Place. (Photo: Courtesy)

Comey partnered with Brooklyn-based architect Elizabeth Roberts and San Francisco-based interior designer Charles de Lisle to achieve her dream space on the West Coast, much like she did for her 95 Crosby boutique in New York. The designer also worked with L.A.-based architect Linda Taalman.

Comey tells Pret-a-Reporter she chose to open on Melrose Place "because there's a lot going on and I could relate to that. There's all these women designers on this street, too, which I really liked. It made me think that our customers might cross-over and appreciate each other's work. I thought that was nice — the community aspect." (The Row, Violet Grey, Irene Neuwirth, Zero + Maria Cornejo and Monique Lhuillier are among the boutiques lined up along the serene shopping stretch.)

ON DISPLAY: Rachel Comey designs and a pair of shoes on display. (Photos: Courtesy)

In celebration of the new store opening, Comey and Rashida Jones co-hosted a party Wednesday night attended by some of Hollywood's most self-assured style makers including Kim Gordon, Miranda July, Busy Philipps and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Jones finds Comey's work "encapsulates cool, effortless urban girls. It's aspirational to me — I want to be the girl that she dresses." Lucky for Jones, she was wearing head-to-toe Comey during the soiree.

Though it's hard to choose just one Comey piece worth obsessing over, the Parks and Recreation alum didn't skip a beat when sharing her favorite. "The Glinda jumpsuit is the best thing I own — I have it in two colors," she tells Pret-a-Reporter. "The fabric is just really good. It's flattering. The minute I put it on, I feel cool, elegant and I feel like I don't need to do anything else except maybe put on a pair of shoes that's worthy of it." Phillipps agrees, sharing, "She does these jumpsuits unbelievably well."

But for Phillipps, her absolute favorite Comey item is a denim dress from last spring. "I wear it so frequently, " she says with a laugh, adding, "To me, it's the perfect denim dress."

With so many strong, intelligent women already wearing Comey's clothes, we couldn't help but wonder if there were any other famous ladies that the designer would love to see in one of her creations.

As Comey struggled to come up with a name, she called upon Ross for some advice. To which the Black-ish star suggested, "Helen Mirren or Charlotte Rampling."

COMEY'S CREW: Tracee Ellis Ross (Photo: Getty Images for Rachel Comey)

Rachel Comey, 8432 Melrose Place, 323-852-3152; rachelcomey.com