Rachel Dratch Escapes Scientology Obstacle Course on 'Billy on the Street'

YouTube screengrab

The former 'SNL' star must escape her gay husband, save her children from the Sea Org and find Shelly Miscavige if she is to free herself of Scientology.

Billy Eichner's latest obstacle course had a distinctly intergalactic flavor as SNL alum Rachel Dratch stood in for Leah Remini and tried to escape the clutches of the Evil Lord Xenu and Scientology.

Dratch took on the task of running the "Leah Remini's Escape From Scientology!" obstacle course, but, as Eichner explained, completing it would have great import for every aspect of her life: "The first few obstacles, you're joining Scientology. Then, there's a twist: You decide you need to escape from the religion, save your kids, save your friends and, most importantly, save your acting career!"

The Scientology skit on Billy on the Street didn't hold back on excoriating the controversial religion, making references to the alleged billion-year contracts members have to sign and the alleged forced separation of families. He also asked Dratch to find Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology head David Miscavige who hasn't been seen in public for years.

See the video below.