AFM: Rachael Leigh Cook to Star in Sci-Fi Film 'Mindgate'

Rachel Leigh Clutch - P 2014
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Rachel Leigh Clutch - P 2014

The love story is the first feature for Madrid-based Rebel Films

Rachael Leigh Cook, best known for her lead in She’s All That, has signed on to star as a brilliant neuropsychologist in Mindgate, the first production of Madrid-based production-distribution company Rebel Movies.

The sci-fi love story is in pre-production and based on a script by Spanish science-fiction novelist Juan Miguel Aguilera, who will also direct his first feature film with Mindgate.

Robert Reed Altman, son of the iconoclastic director, will head photography for the film, which is scheduled to shoot in May 2015.

Mindgate tells of a scientific project designed to create a mental connection between healthy volunteers and quadriplegic patients so that the patients can experience full and satisfying sexual relationships despite a lack of feeling in most of their bodies.

Rebel, which is also looking to pick up international distribution on third=party films, expects to announce more cast while at AFM, where it is also looking to sign distribution of international territories.