Rachel Zoe Weighs in On New L.A. Pop-Up, Music Festival Dressing

Rachel Zoe Headshot - P 2016
Courtesy of Rachel Zoe

Plus, her thoughts on Coachella trends: "Can I say no comment on the fanny pack?"

The custom Snapchat filter for Rachel Zoe's first-ever pop-up store says it all: "OMG, it's everything!"

Zoe's distinctive catchphrase not only captures the spirit of the store, but also perfectly describes the offering — which is literally all things Rachel Zoe. Ready-to-wear ($200-$1000), shoes, jewelry and even the stylist/designer's Core collection (currently an online exclusive) of timeless "wardrobe builders," can be purchased at the brand's new store at The Grove in Los Angeles. 

Fresh off a whirwind New York Fashion Week, where she not only presented her fall 2016 collection but also attended several shows, Zoe landed in L.A. just in time to add the finishing touches to the space. Tucked between Crate & Barrel and MAC in the location previously occupied by Johnny Was, the store was designed to provide customers with the full Rachel Zoe experience. 

"I definitely wanted a very neutral and gold, woody kind of palette for the store," said the 44-year-old of the vibe created with the help of design service Laurel & Wolf. "I’m kind of a very claustrophobic person so I like open spaces with natural light and whites and ivories to just sort of feel relaxed in the environment."

"IT'S BANANAS": Inside Rachel Zoe's pop-up store. (Photo: Laurel & Wolf)

That vision was translated into whitewashed brick walls, cool wood floors and clothing racks suspended from the ceiling, which, as Zoe noted, are just high enough for her kids to play beneath. White furniture and glass table tops were given a luxe touch with metallic accents. Overall, the palette served as the perfect complement to Zoe's gold jewelry (on display alongside her book, Living In Style) and racks adorned with colorful pops of violet, navy and poppy pieces.

Should the pop-up be a success, the store and it's serene design could serve as a model for something much bigger. "I like to test things before I jump, so the pop-up is sort of the dream because I can sort of test the waters without going in head-first," she said, adding that permanent stores in L.A. and New York, as well as a few other major cities is "the dream."

But that's not all she has in store for Rachel Zoe the brand. In addition to managing The Zoe Report, her styling business and TV show, the mogul has plenty of plans up her boho bell sleeve. "I haven’t even really scratched the surface of the sort of extensions I would love to do," she said. "sunglasses, beauty, home, handbags — there’s so many things, I love it all."

RELAXING SPACE: "Don’t think my husband didn’t have something to do with that," said Zoe of the cozy seating area. "He was like, ‘You need a place for us to hang out while everyone is trying stuff on.’" (Photo: Laurel & Wolf) 

In true Zoe form, the the designer isn't slowing down anytime soon. With festival season fast approaching, including Coachella (which Zoe will attend briefly), we asked the boho queen to weigh in on a few festival trends: 

Flower crowns or anything feathered in the hair:
Yes! I love it. I love it, but I’m a hippie at the core. I mean last year I wore a huge flower crown the whole day. We had an amazing brand [Flower Gypsies] that hand-made them for everybody there. 

Yes, fringe all day long. But I’ve worn fringe since I was eleven — maybe even before that.

Denim cutoffs, denim minis, denim jackets — I mean, denim everywhere. You definitely want to wear lighter denim, that’s for sure, because it gets so brutally hot.

Fanny packs:
Can I say no comment on the fanny pack? Yeah, not so much on the fanny pack. But with that said, Vuitton makes a great fanny pack — there’s some amazing designers that do really chic fanny packs. It’s more about the right fanny pack.

Bathing Suits as clothes:
I think a bathing suit under clothes. You know I think a bathing suit is really chic under a kaftan or a minidress so you’re not seeing things you shouldn’t see. But I think it’s cute to see a bathing suit under something transparent — I mean, at a festival I think it’s totally appropriate.

Yes! Yes, sandals. It’s like a hundred degrees, you have to wear as little as possible but still look cool. We sell a Birkenstock-type sandal too, which is great for that.  

All in all, Zoe sums it up: "Wear as little clothes as you can, but still keep it classy."

The Rachel Zoe Pop-Up store opens at The Grove in Los Angeles on Feb. 24 and runs through Mar. 31.