Radio 1 criticized for 'Harry Potter' day

Complaint partially upheld by the BBC Trust

LONDON -- The BBC Trust has ruled that Radio 1, its youth-oriented broadcast network, breached editorial guidelines with a "Harry Potter"-themed day last year.

The pubcaster's main radio station ran coverage across four separate programs as well as 33 separate radio trails marking the release of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" last July.

The complaint was partially upheld by the BBC Trust, which ruled that the extent of the coverage had amounted to "undue coverage."

But the Trust also said that Harry Potter was "a British cultural phenomena" and that a day's coverage could be viewed as legitimate.

The complaint was made by Andrew Harrison, chief executive of the commercial radio trade body, Radio Center, which said the BBC had "fallen under the spell of celebrity" and was "selling listeners short."

But it was only partially upheld by the BBC Trust -- which said Radio 1 had been censured for endorsing commercial product launches, including a tie-up with U2 and coverage of a Coldplay tour.
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