Radio Canada doing social media experiment

Reporters will be isolated from traditional media for five days

TORONTO -- Radio Canada radio journalist Janic Tremblay is about to find out just how much news you can find on Facebook and Twitter, without access to traditional TV, radio or print media sources.

Tremblay, a reporter with Canada's public broadcaster, will participate along with four other French-speaking radio reporters in "Behind Closed Doors on the Net," an experiment from Feb. 1-5 in which the journalists will be sealed off in a French farmhouse in Perigord and using only social media to uncover the news.

Organizers insist they aren't putting more value on social media as a news source, as opposed to traditional media, but instead recognize Twitter and Facebook broadcast in real-time and store data and information that TV, radio and print journalists increasingly verify and use in their own news accounts.

Radio Canada said the experiment, to include radio reporters from France Inter, France Info, RTS and RTBF, will include radio reports and live debates, and a dedicated Twitter feed with Facebook updates.
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