Radioactive Plume From Japan Headed to Southern California (Report)

A U.N. forecast doesn't give information about a radiation level, but experts told the New York Times they believe it will be diluted by the time it reaches the U.S.

A radioactive plume coming from crippled Japanese nuclear reactors is headed for Southern California, according to a United Nations forecast, as obtained by the New York Times.

The U.N. believe the plume, which is headed across the Pacific Ocean, will hit the Aleutian Islands on Thursday before making its way to Southern California the following day.

The forecast doesn't offer information about the radiation level of the plume, but health and nuclear experts believe it will be diluted as it makes its way across the Pacific and would have extremely minor health consequences in the U.S. if at all.

The NYT reports that the projection was based on patterns of Pacific winds at the time of the calculation, and the predicted path could change depending on shifting weather patterns.